Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park was an abandoned riverside landfill and illegal dumpsite until 1986 when a coalition of artists and community members, under the leadership of Mark di Suvero, transformed it into an open studio and exhibition space for artists and a neighborhood park for local residents. Today it is an internationally renowned outdoor museum and artist residency program that also serves as a vital New York City park offering a wide variety of public services. Over 800 artists have exhibited at Socrates since it opened. In addition, Socrates serves thousands of children and adults each year with free innovative and inspiring educational programming, community celebrations, an annual film series and exercise programs.

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La Vie des Formes

In 1989, Mark di Suvero and Marcel Evrard created La Vie des Formes, an international yard for creative experimentation in France. From 1989-2002, artists from all over the world were given residencies at the french studio of Mark di Suvero on the grounds of the COMEF shipyard in Chalon-sur-Saone, France. The project is no longer active.
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